Thank you for all those who were able to attended the Industrial Safety Managers Meeting at INPO in Atlanta, November 3-5.  There was a great exchange of information and ideas. Click here to view the materials shared. 

NISHA summer 2017 conference hosted by Southern Nuclear in Panama City Beach, FL


The recognized source of expert professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of industrial safety and health in the North American Nuclear industry.


To relentlessly seek out, learn, assess, compare, share and apply industry best practices for the management of industrial safety and health in support of achieving zero workplace injuries for more than 25 Utilities in the North American Nuclear industry.  

Board of Directors

Jonathan Carlton Tennessee Valley Authority - Chair

Joe Parham  Southern Nuclear - Past Chair

Katherine Coleman Entergy

Michael Bailes Energy Northwest

Wayne Rowe Arizona Palo Verde Nuclear Station - Treasurer

Doug Mills Nawah- Member at Large

Johnny Haynes Duke Energy- Secretary 




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